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If you do not know exactly the amount of plants you need, but you know the length of the perimeter of the garden to cover with the hedge, then it is possible to turn the perimeter field (in meters) and the amount will be automatically calculated. (For the calculation it will be considered a plant every 45 cm)

Photo Name Perimeter Qty
Pianta Forsythia Intermedia Forsythia Intermedia
Viridissima - Vase 18 cm
Viridissima - Vase 22 cm
Spectabilis - Vase 18 cm
Pianta Red Robin Photinia Red Robin Photinia
Vase 18 cm, height 80-100 cm
Vase 22 cm, height 120-130 cm
Dwarf- Vase 22 cm, height 120-130 cm
White-variegated -Vase 18 cm
Pianta Green and yellow Elaeagnus Green and yellow Elaeagnus
Limelight Elaeagnus -Vase 18 cm, height 80-100 cm
LimelightElaeagnus - Vase 22 cm, height 120-130 cm
Limelight Elaeagnus -Vase 26 cm
Ebbingei Elaeagnus -Vase 18 cm, height 80-100 cm
Ebbingei Elaeagnus -Vase 22 cm, height 120-130 cm
Pianta Cupressus Leylandii Cupressus Leylandii
Vase 18 cm, height 80-100 cm
Vase 20 cm, height 130-140 cm with stake
Vase 22 cm, height 150-160 cm with stake
Pianta Cupressus Sempervirens Cupressus Sempervirens
Vase 22 cm
Vase 30 cm
Pianta Pyracantha Pyracantha
Orange Glow Pyracantha -Vase 18 cm
Mohawe Pyracantha - Vase 18 cm
Standing Pyracantha (red)- Vase 30 cm
Navajo Pyracantha Vase 18 cm-(wonderful)
Navajo Pyracantha - Pot 22 cm (wonderful)
Navajo Pyracantha - Pot 26 cm (wonderful)
Pianta Cotoneaster Cotoneaster
Salicifolius Cotoneaster - Vase 16 cm
Salicifolius Cotoneaster -Vase 18 cm
Coral Beauty Cotoneaster -Vase 18 cm
Horizotalis Cotoneaster - Vase 18 cm
Franchettii Cotoneaster - Vase 18 cm
Franchettii-Cotoneaster Vase 22 cm
Floccose Cotoneaster - Vase 22 cm, h 150-160 cm with stake
Pianta Quercus Ilex (Olm oak) Quercus Ilex (Olm oak)
Vase 22 cm, height 130-140 cm
Vase 26 cm
Pianta Viburnum (Viburno) Viburnum (Viburno)
Tinus Viburnum Eva Price- Vase 16 cm
Tinus Viburnum Eva Price-Vase 18 cm, height 60-80 cm
Montano Viburnum -Vase 18 cm, height 70-80 cm
Tinus Viburnum Lucidum-Vase 18 cm, height 70-80 cm
Pianta Lavandula (Lavender) Lavandula (Lavender)
Officinalis Lavender– Pot 15 cm
Officinalis Lavender- Pot 18 cm
Pianta Rosmarinus Rosmarinus
Standing Officinalis Rosmarinus - Vase 18 cm
Prostrate Rosmarinus-Vase 18 cm
Pianta Berberis Berberis
Red Jawell Berberis - Vase 18 cm
Thumbergii Bagatelle Berberis - Vase 18 cm
Berberis with Green persistent Leaf- Vase 18 cm
Pianta Laurus (Laurel) Laurus (Laurel)
Cerasus Laurus (cherry Laurel)-Vase 18 cm, height 80-100 cm
Nobilis Laurus (Bay Laurel)-Vase 18 cm, height 80-100 cm
Nobilis Laurus (Bay Laurel)-Vase 20 cm, height 100-110 cm
Nobilis Laurus (Bay Laurel)-Vase 22 cm, height 130-150 cm
Nobilis Laurus (Bay Laurel)- Vase 24 cm, height 130-150 cm
Pianta Spiraea Spiraea
Bumalda Spirea - Vase 18 cm
Thumbergii Spirea -Vase 18 cm
Thumbergi Spirea - Vase 22 cm
Vanhouttei Spirea - Vase 18 cm
Pianta Weigelia Weigelia
Vase 18 cm
Vase 22 cm
Pianta Kerria Japonica Kerria Japonica
Vase 18 cm
Vase 22 cm
Pianta Ligustrum Ligustrum
Sinense Ligustrum Pot 15 cm
Japonica Ligustrum - Pot 15 cm
Texanum Ligustrum -Vase 18 cm
Texanum Ligustrum -Vase 20 cm
Golden Ligustrum with oval leaf - Vase 18 cm
Pianta Ilex Aquifolium (Holly) Ilex Aquifolium (Holly)
Variegated- Vase 16 cm
Variegated- Vase 18 cm
Green- Vase 16 cm
Green- Vase 18 cm
Pianta Ivy Elix Ivy Elix
Green foliage- Vase 16 cm
Green foliage-Vase 18 cm, height 150 cm
Variegated foliage - Pot 16 cm-white
White-Variegated foliage -Vase 18 cm, height 150 cm
Pianta Callistemon Callistemon
Citrinus - Vase 22 cm
Pianta Syringa Syringa
Vulgaris-Vase 18 cm
Pianta Ilex Crenata Ilex Crenata
Vase 18 cm
Pianta Pittosporum Heterophyllum Pittosporum Heterophyllum
Vase 18 cm
Pianta Broom Broom
Pot 15 cm (May)
Pianta Dwarf Evonimus Dwarf Evonimus
White-variegated- Pot 15 cm
Pianta Crataegus Monogyna Crataegus Monogyna
White-variegated - Pot 15 cm
Pianta Domestic Nandina Domestic Nandina
Vase 16 cm
Pianta Raphiolepis Raphiolepis
White flower- Vase 18 cm
Pianta Boxwood (Red) Boxwood (Red)
Dwarf Pumila - Pot 15 cm
Faulkner-Vase 18 cm
Rotundifolia- Pot 20 cm
Pianta Rosai Rosai
Large Flower Bush -Vase 18 cm
Landscape ground cover-Vase 18 cm

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