About us

Our company Triangolo Verde was founded in 1998 by Gianni Pisciotta with so much passion for gardening and nurseries. Gianni Pisciotta

Started with a production of 1,000 vases only, thanks to an increase of requests we arrived nowadays with a production of 70,000 pots, in different types and species.

Every day we offer guests our experience to try to meet at best their needs. Until now it was possible to achieve this ambitious goal, thanks to all the staff in the Company working with pride, peacefulness and satisfaction.

For our production we use as much as possible biological materials to a greater respect for nature and environment.

Our Staff

  • Gianni Pisciotta

    Gianni Pisciotta
    Owner of the company, he boasts over 30 years of experience in the horticultural sector. Among the major tasks, over the direction of the Company: Production Management, Purchasing, Sales.

  • Salvatore Iovino

    Salvatore Iovino
    Thirty years of experience in the nursery industry. Major tasks: Production plants.

  • Costantin Bogdan

    Costantin Bogdan
    Major tasks: Logistics, Breeding, Shipping Cargo Management.

  • Andrea Nedelco

    Andrea Nedelco
    Major tasks: Seeding, Sets, Repotting.